Victoria’s Best Pawnbroker or Pawn shop?

Loan Terms and conditions | Accepted items as collateral | Payment policy

Yes you can borrow against your jewellery or gold without having to sell.

Why sell if you only need help to catch up for a short period of time? We are much less than Payday loan services and we will never go after your credit.

Technically we operate under the same license as a “pawnbroker” or “pawn shop” but that’s where our association ends.

You have just discovered our little secret. Old ‘N’ Gold is not just Victoria’s largest gold buyer and estate jewelry store but we also offer Confidential Secured Instant CASH loans.

Old ‘N’ Gold is not your small town pawnbroker or traditional pawn shop. You will be extremely happy you discovered our low rate Confidential “Secured Loan” service.

Most people are unaware that you do have another private option rather than dealing with horribly overpriced and aggressive payday loans companies, or dealing with a seedy pawn shop and end up standing in line with the person trying to borrow $20.

We only deal with clients that require a confidential – small ($50) to larger ($2,000 – $50,000+) short term secured loans.

You will not find guitars, TV’s or the normal pawn shop items here.

What items do we accept for loans?
-Any form of Gold, Silver, or Platinum
-Diamonds (Certified or Non-certified)
-Coins (Gold or Silver) & bullion coins or bars
-Any form of jewelry even it its broken or brand new

Loaning on small higher value items enables us to give you much lower rates than a pawnbroker because we do not require the costly large storage facility to hold larger pawns.

What can you expect when getting a secured cash loan at Old ‘N’ Gold?

Your CREDIT is NOT a Factor! No questions about your income or your credit score and No verification of employment.

In less than 10 minutes and in a private booth you will have your items evaluated and a cash loan offer presented. It’s truly that simple and confidential.

Your loan is then sealed and securely locked in our full size walk in industrial Vault.

All loans are good for 30 days before a small payment is required and if you need more time… no problem just pay the monthly small fee and the loan is automatically extended.

Do you have any questions? Call us now for a private no obligation conversation at 250-361-1892