Jewelry Appraisal

What happens if you misplace or even worse you have your jewelry stolen?

If this ever happens to you, hopefully you have your jewellery covered by enough insurance to replace the jewellery piece exactly as it was. Many styles of Jewellery are only sold for a short period of time or if it’s custom made it may be impossible to simply find the exact replacement.

We have had disappointed clients discover that replacing an item with a jeweler cost far more than buying an existing piece out of the showcase.

You will now have to have a Jeweler redesign from scratch with custom molds and spend time sourcing quality stones that match what you owned. This process takes a lot of time and skill that does not come at a low cost.

This is why it’s very important to have a current appraisal for insurance purposes. With this you have a certified replacement value placed on your precious piece. A value that will cover the man hours it will take to create the piece exactly as it was once before.

The cost of a Jewellery Appraisal is quite inexpensive… as little as $99 and when it comes to the value and piece of mind that knowing you will have the correct coverage and a third party certificate verifying your jewellery’s replacement value.

Get your jewellery appraisal done today it’s worth it!