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Unique 18K “Dancing In The Light” C- Cuff Bangle by Bill Helin


Unique 15K – 18K Yellow Gold “Dancing in The Light” C- Cuff bangle by artist Bill Helin. Well made with an 18K yellow gold sun, sunbeam hair and detailed images throughout the bangle. This would be the perfect gift for someone who loves to make a statement with their jewelry!

For more info on the artist, Please check out Bill Helins Bio on his website:

Item Specifications:
– Unique 15K – 18K “Dancing In The Light” C- Cuff Bangle by Bill Helin
– Measures 2.8″ outside diameter
– Width measures 28mm
– Measures 2.63″ inside diameter
– Please make sure the bangle will fit over your hand. Measure a piece of string to the 8.25″ circumference, tie the ends and try fitting over your hand. Remember the bangle is a C-Cuff style and not round in shape.
– Signed 18K “Dancing In The Light” & Artists Signature on the inside/outside of the bangle (tested by a certified jeweler)
– Approximate weight of 74.17 grams (weighed on a government certified scale)
– All jewellery is professionally cleaned and polished

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